"Prototype 2 : International Game Cover Art"
-Activision + Blizzard -
Senior CG Generalist: Look Dev Lead, Lighting, modeling, texturing, rendering an all photoshop treatments.  We did several magazine covers, this one which i also did look dev lighting on was chosen to be the international video game pack art!  It was altered slightly for the final cover by the artists at activision/ radical, still a pleasure just  to be involved.
Maya, MentalRay, Photoshop, Nuke

Art of the Title feature for "Deus Ex: Human Revolution' opening credits"
A discussion with Paul Furminger from Goldtooth Creative (director of the sequence) and Jean-Fran├žois Dugas from Eidos-Montreal (Game Director on Deus Ex: Human Revolution).
I worked as Lead CG Generalist / Lead PreViz Artist: Model up-rez, texturing, shading, lighting, cameras, animation and rendering passes for all CG elements, as well as numerous  2D elements

Autodesk Interview of Goldtooth Creative Agency
A discussion with the artists, and discuss various pipline with relation to the use of Autodesk creative suite products.

"Splitting Adam" (2009)  Grammy Nomination for Best Recording Packaging
-CD packaging for the band Splitting Adam-
-52nd Grammy Award Nominee for Best Recording Package!!-
Lead CG Generalist : Modeling, texturing, Shading, Animating specific to requirements, and Rendering of 'Adam' Human, Gorilla, and Lamb head holograms which morph between Human Adam, the passive lamb, and into an aggressive ape.
Maya MentalRay, ZBrush, Photoshop